Monday, August 09, 2004


Double your voting power - get more choice

Another side to imbalance in the flow of Info --- Media ignoring "the boring "( what they think it is anyway)

The examples A New party (Family First launched this week ) and middle ground demo in the great hall --------largely ignored in Vic

Missing a story because it looks to be more of the some same old stuff is very easy- too easy. When the status of marriage issue drew a wall to wall crowd at the Great Hall last week, it was largely ignored . The middle ground of Australia spoke, but the media weren’t listening .Is this common ? Is it possible that this unique symbol of solidarity in the very heart of Canberra will be the first sign of the great watershed issue of the 2004 election?. If its true ,somebody missed out on a scoop big time .

2 VOTES for ONE?

In a marginal seat in Australia , you actually get the chance to pick two people equally provided you do it in the right order . small one first !If you put major party second you do not risk your seat going to " the other major party"

who are FF? se website http;//

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