Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Howards grand catchment plan

Yes he's consulted everyone - what he has decided is that we all need a big picture approach to water and everything that is going wrong in the country .
It all makes sense to a simple person and to marginal voters who don't want problems but solutions - at least in print or in a 60 minutes of problem solving they like to indulge in each week .
Now its conservatives turn to apply some balm to the hurting world . City type hype about water and how we will solve those peasants problems . Trouble is not only the city hurts differently from its country neighbours , but it is so far away from them it dreams up simple solutions that don't work or the really experienced risk managers thought of years ago. RERM deal with drought all the b.... time

-as for trading in buckets Put one on your head dummies - its empty and the value of its contents is dependant on j curves too complex for you meddlers to even get the handle on and keep it ready for action when we need it .

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