Wednesday, February 11, 2009


If the children are in charge -the noise dominates and wisdom is not heard

Disasters will happen, but the size of them demonstrates just how effective governments are at doing the job they are supposed to do ( Its written on the floor ) The current Victorian government has no excuse - Fire after fire after fire. This week ----the greatest fire disaster ever.

Thursday, February 05, 2009


Telling the truth or feeding a habit ?

Spending spree packages approx $1000 to everyone
The people who get the money Rudd is offering will be the ones closest to the drip feed . Those who are too busy trying to keep things working will not have time to spend at Centrelinks door .

Father Christmas Kevin is not a real father
At least Obama is game enough to say "its not all our problem" before he locks himself in to offering lollies and genuine stimulus to the crowd . He not letting the audince blame him like Rudd has - how dumb and wooosy can you get -

THE reason this blog started
Consultation was used by Dept heads and polys to manage their own self created crises in quick fix – the point being ” if you told them the answer” they wouldn’t normally be effective with it because they refused to link YOU using the competence of your further practical involvement ; They would offer the key mission to others without knowing the recipe. They were unaware of the loss rate by involving a chain of command that didn'y really know how to cook sustaiably and was now riddled with holes and empty spaces –
The grandest evidence of their incompetence is their complete failure to know when and who to give to- even without a crisis.

Happy to just go around “ naming the problem “ they asummed the job ws done . The throwing of money at all the problems pleased the drip feeders and startede any number of half baked new round implementation experiments. It was enough to make me throw up.

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