Friday, August 28, 2009


Mr Don quixote Cheeseman

The labor party is riding high, and YES, it worries us .See the LOCAL NEWS

Mr Cheeseman is on a roll in Colac this week with another of his seminars on the future. ( invite only affairs) This week its windmills, and he's is there fighting.

Sir Humphrey (SirH) would not be pleased- if he was still employed . ( "we want new future orientated optimists " said the Emperor and his friends "not dinasuars, fixed in the past ")
The important thing to do with best intentions ( as their Fabian leader would remind them if they only slowed down to listen) is exactly what any sound SirH would do . Why leave the member/minister to discover that he's got the right destination ( more renewable energy )but has paid the wrong taxi- and paid big ! Trying to tell them is better than hoping the next one will be better.

You think this is a big call? Only hypocrisy, ignorance and immaturity ,or all three , can explain why government ministers STILL go around picking winners with our money when BOTH PARTIES claim to let the market make those calls .( and sometimes they are right to so do). They specialize in a Lot of hot air and wind talk, we know!
The government have just hastened the demise of the super sized plantation industry in our backyard , with such a predictably badly targeted incentive driven bubble. And they have the cheek to talk about sustainability being their aim . Here's sustainbility. Their "aim" we don't question.( the pun is indded a paradox) Its the big nature of the bombs and the indiscriminant killing and wastage they create by carelessly dropping them all over the place ! Copyright EA .

Only empty headed inspiration can explain the dummies STILL offering badly targeted "incentives " ( which distort the market - they think its " all good" which is much the same as saying "too much bread...? why it's never wasted when people are starving" ) when the technology is old hat , the timing is ( good investment is about timing) wrong and the focus is not clear ( which renewable when is the right design with problem question)

Still, Kevin Rudd lets his ministers get back on their favourie horses and ride out into the sunset -

I wonder for how long ?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Bushfire disaster hearings snowed by noise?

The interim report of the Royal Commission into Victorias biggest disaster is unwilling to blow the trumpet clearly .
Its job is supposed to be ---to dig deep and cut hard, but it's deliberations generate words, but not the sort of punchy wisdom that will do it .

Is it an example of consultation gone wrong? If the commission can't say that "we have a problem because we are not allowed to say to people "you are living in an impossible risk situation" we will still have the problem.

We still have a problem. The children are in charge?

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