Monday, February 06, 2012


The bloated Public service and what we can do about it

Spoon feeding politicians only creates large families of immature individuals. I, like Anthony Jay have stopped doing any of it anymore because you expect to at least have some leaders who act like leaders of a household. Fatherhood , in contrast to motherhood, has suffered from a lack of assertive recognition of its rights. You hope for adults and you meet lots of children but what you can't stomach is their suspect worldviews which never allow the public service to grow up . Go see Jay's revised version of Yes Prime Ministerand BBC "Outnumbered"
The growing bureau can't make decisions because, like their leaders, they are waiting on a word - the next word. The public service grows fat when its muscles are not allowed to work.
Paradoxically some of the children mention the problem without realising it.Take Ms Wong who kept dropping the word "resilience" last night on the ABCqanda tribute to motherhood last night . The real lack of resilience ( too much fat and not enough muscle) is never admitted , just projected onto others a word about "the need for resilience "(Maybe the internals go like this? "I know we need it and I know we don't have it , but i will just say "its important to have it ") Some of our leaders are always talking about their problems, even though they only ever see them as "the others problems ".
Sometimes all we can do to prevent politicians from flying off in some new direction is to tell them nothing. If you tell some of the quickfizers the name of the problem or the solution they will runaway with the word and flog it it till it no longer has any meaning.
No good - just creates more short term projects IF they don't keep listening to YOU the author .

This common group are so keen on new ideas they may even find the name of the new idea without you . The best thing that can happen though, if you stop spoon feeding them with mere names is they will have to keep repeating the word .
There is a chance that in repeating the word once too often the audience will twig that the people in charge are just empty vessels - you get the echo effect.

Penny Wong used the word "resilience" at least 3 times in her speaking last night on ABCQanda.
She doesn't really know how it works , just that it is important ( that's the tricky point - politicians are always on target;) The only risk preventing the truth being known is that the opposition know even less than she does about this weeks current wonder word.
The point is that now YOU NOW know and Can identify the emperors new clothes before anyone else .

If you don't tell them the word that gets them ahead of the fast moving crap of consequences they may still move. "Move on" at they say .
Some one should clean up but noone knows why the last idea didn't work , let alone why the new one won't either .
Here you have the first lesson in budget control. With P Wong is in charge of budget control we have no control except to hope that others will note that the record is broken and the sacred word just goes around and around .
Ultimately we may have the only consolation that the solution we know of will never get started because to half do something is worse than to not do it - to waste money on just talk as they do ; more fat and bloating because muscles never get a decent work out and true resilience never develops .

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


When we start relying on very strict conditions

The Premier symbolises the great big hole that his team have dug by rejoicing in the fact that a very unpopular development in the Docklands will be controlled by "very, very strict conditions" .
His mate Mr Robinson is also happy to recommend the cul de sac that is planning Victoria 2009 - 40 more people will be employed as policeman - the growth area of modern planning .
The premiers legacy in planning will not be in giving more people the great job that is planning in the public interest . The tools of freedom of a simple yes or No. No robinson is offering the opportunity to run bigger and bigger compliance divisions. People who train in the School of Mere Description and qualify in the grand art of paperwork checklist checking .
This compliance led recovery to planning is not a solution and will go down in history as the biggest distraction and threat to , what was once our great, appeals system .
Its about as brilliant and sustainable as agreeing to a permit for multiple marriage partners because you've listed very , very strict conditions .
Sound leaders say NO and teach their staff how to do the same.
Young planners should be taught that if you have to write too restrictive conditions you prbably should say NO .
Maddens clearly not training his team very well .
The planning system needs MORE people who can say NO when they need to . You know the planning system is failing when it celebrates ( as the premier did today ) the very very strict conditions argument . Growing a a bigger compliance division is about as sustainable as employing nannies and bouncers to save you saying No in your own home .

The Premier seeks a high degree of consistency but doesn't see that there isn't one in the current way his government works . Infact good planning is anything but conformist -thats one big reason why our planning system is in disarray .

Planning should be largely about saying Yes or No and giving the hard pressed applicants the freedom that is associated with that .

Unable to say No ( esp at the right time) our leaders hide behind anything that looks like a decision ( incl policy frameworks).

Worse still, the grand vision of our forefathers that the planning system would provide advice grows increasingly dim under the weight of a whole lot of paper policies and the means they provide to avoid making actual decisions by a growing myriad of irresponsible authorities .

Friday, August 28, 2009


Mr Don quixote Cheeseman

The labor party is riding high, and YES, it worries us .See the LOCAL NEWS

Mr Cheeseman is on a roll in Colac this week with another of his seminars on the future. ( invite only affairs) This week its windmills, and he's is there fighting.

Sir Humphrey (SirH) would not be pleased- if he was still employed . ( "we want new future orientated optimists " said the Emperor and his friends "not dinasuars, fixed in the past ")
The important thing to do with best intentions ( as their Fabian leader would remind them if they only slowed down to listen) is exactly what any sound SirH would do . Why leave the member/minister to discover that he's got the right destination ( more renewable energy )but has paid the wrong taxi- and paid big ! Trying to tell them is better than hoping the next one will be better.

You think this is a big call? Only hypocrisy, ignorance and immaturity ,or all three , can explain why government ministers STILL go around picking winners with our money when BOTH PARTIES claim to let the market make those calls .( and sometimes they are right to so do). They specialize in a Lot of hot air and wind talk, we know!
The government have just hastened the demise of the super sized plantation industry in our backyard , with such a predictably badly targeted incentive driven bubble. And they have the cheek to talk about sustainability being their aim . Here's sustainbility. Their "aim" we don't question.( the pun is indded a paradox) Its the big nature of the bombs and the indiscriminant killing and wastage they create by carelessly dropping them all over the place ! Copyright EA .

Only empty headed inspiration can explain the dummies STILL offering badly targeted "incentives " ( which distort the market - they think its " all good" which is much the same as saying "too much bread...? why it's never wasted when people are starving" ) when the technology is old hat , the timing is ( good investment is about timing) wrong and the focus is not clear ( which renewable when is the right design with problem question)

Still, Kevin Rudd lets his ministers get back on their favourie horses and ride out into the sunset -

I wonder for how long ?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Bushfire disaster hearings snowed by noise?

The interim report of the Royal Commission into Victorias biggest disaster is unwilling to blow the trumpet clearly .
Its job is supposed to be ---to dig deep and cut hard, but it's deliberations generate words, but not the sort of punchy wisdom that will do it .

Is it an example of consultation gone wrong? If the commission can't say that "we have a problem because we are not allowed to say to people "you are living in an impossible risk situation" we will still have the problem.

We still have a problem. The children are in charge?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


If the children are in charge -the noise dominates and wisdom is not heard

Disasters will happen, but the size of them demonstrates just how effective governments are at doing the job they are supposed to do ( Its written on the floor ) The current Victorian government has no excuse - Fire after fire after fire. This week ----the greatest fire disaster ever.

Thursday, February 05, 2009


Telling the truth or feeding a habit ?

Spending spree packages approx $1000 to everyone
The people who get the money Rudd is offering will be the ones closest to the drip feed . Those who are too busy trying to keep things working will not have time to spend at Centrelinks door .

Father Christmas Kevin is not a real father
At least Obama is game enough to say "its not all our problem" before he locks himself in to offering lollies and genuine stimulus to the crowd . He not letting the audince blame him like Rudd has - how dumb and wooosy can you get -

THE reason this blog started
Consultation was used by Dept heads and polys to manage their own self created crises in quick fix – the point being ” if you told them the answer” they wouldn’t normally be effective with it because they refused to link YOU using the competence of your further practical involvement ; They would offer the key mission to others without knowing the recipe. They were unaware of the loss rate by involving a chain of command that didn'y really know how to cook sustaiably and was now riddled with holes and empty spaces –
The grandest evidence of their incompetence is their complete failure to know when and who to give to- even without a crisis.

Happy to just go around “ naming the problem “ they asummed the job ws done . The throwing of money at all the problems pleased the drip feeders and startede any number of half baked new round implementation experiments. It was enough to make me throw up.

Friday, September 12, 2008


See quest frustration

You want to know why soil sequestration won't work to put in the ET trading budget? Well, its simple:
You need to speak with a really capable and practical soils scientist. That is, if you can find one in the gallery of sycophants that hang around in the halls of Canberra these days !

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