Wednesday, February 11, 2009


If the children are in charge -the noise dominates and wisdom is not heard

Disasters will happen, but the size of them demonstrates just how effective governments are at doing the job they are supposed to do ( Its written on the floor ) The current Victorian government has no excuse - Fire after fire after fire. This week ----the greatest fire disaster ever.

Salutations. I watch and wonder just as you do. However I am just one of the despised outsiders...

It's a pity that if they act like children, we can't spank them, or work to improve their behaviour or even (God forgive me for the thought) teach them!

I suppose they are programmed at birth to do the opposite of what any stakeholder might suggest - unless they (the stakeholders) are better connected than the ministers themselves.

Perhaps you can enlighten me. What spurs them on, and makes them so intractable? What could we do to influence them to take more responsibility, to accept public accountability?

Perhaps even more importantly, what could be done to ensure that future events go down a different path.

I know that ministers aren't "courageous" or likely do implement change when it will upset all their friends.

I am particularly interested (and fighting despondency and despair) as I (the informed stakeholder) am fighting a possibly even more devastating imminent environmental disaster, this time involving the water minister. I am looking at an exact replica of the murray disaster, but on a perhaps bigger scale. It is so hard to believe, that the children are blind to recent history, or so involved in their game of 'superman' that they think they are immune to reality. Do you think it is congenital?

Advice, wisdom or good vodka all welcome...
Great to hear from you; you ask some great questions that go to the heart of what drives so much of this nonsense and ineffectiveness at all political levels.

The fault ridden idealisms of the left remain serious stumbling blocks to their effectiveness at all political levels .Doesn't mean the right know what they are doing either. Paradism shifts are required by many (-incl public individuals) before they can see where evil impinges and frustrates their good intentions. Unlike our forebears they do not believe in evil and therefore it comes in unexpectedly ( we feel the train wreck effect when it hits at our level- incomprehensible stupidity - you and me too .

One effective British leader said it well "the greatest evil is done in the name of the best intention" .
Many reactionaries (my term for a lot of politicians across the board )is that they are stuck in a cul de sac because they do not accept that evil exists and therefore haven't even the faintest awareness of how to dealt with it.
Effective political action is complex , but its false thinking that really limits most of us in getting close to it . Lets explore this more More elsewhere on other blogs try quickfiz or on email
Para2 Powerful question with no right answers except use all tactics including laughing at the stupidity of their ideas -not themsleves. Not easy; see "good humor when working with people" on
Para 3 a bit like all of us ? Maybe we could explore your great Questions more on email
Para 7 -maybe i can help - i used to work in water conservation advisory capacity with govt.
Don't forget to keep blogging -and trying to maintain a goodhumor by watching what's worth watching. Hard though, I know - great to hear from you
Look forward to more.
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